About The Classroom Partnership

In the last two decades, the Classroom Partnership and its associated companies have grown into one of the most trusted whole-school recruitment, training and staff development partners in the UK and internationally.

In the 2021/22 academic year, we filled 52,000 placements into 3,783 schools, sourced teachers from 23 countries, provided accredited CPD for more than 33,000 classroom staff and had 398 taking a formal qualification through Connex Academy.

Our company provides a wide range of class-leading services to the UK education sector and the world. As individual companies, each provides a boutique service to the education sector. Still, as a group of companies, their core values are identical: to provide a holistic, genuine and class-leading service whatever the people solution needed.

Educators placed per annum
Classroom staff provided with CPD
Countries recruited from
Schools supported
Formal qualification learners
Offices from London to Adelaide

Our Values



We believe that by harnessing the power of the collective we can provide harmonious solutions to the education sector. By working together, with schools, nurseries, multi-academy trusts and further education institutions we can deliver successful results at all levels.

We’re passionate about the education sector and making sure it has class-leading solutions for its people, whether that’s through expert recruitment, or continuous professional development and the improvement of skills and knowledge.



We understand the pace at which the education sector moves which is why we have a range of proactive solutions, ensuring your school, nursery or academy are not working reactively.

Respect and kindness can often be in short supply nowadays. Our team of people are always here to help; we hire them for their qualities. We promise to always be helpful, kind and respectful.

Careers with us

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