As part of our ‘make an impression’ campaign we’ve been speaking with supply teachers and education staff to get a sense of what it’s like to work as supply. We’ve heard numerous interesting stories and gained a huge insight into supply life, and from that, we’ve been able to offer some really useful advice.

If you haven’t yet read some of that advice, check out our make an impression page where education staff at all stage have all provided insights. One of the main pieces of advice from all our candidates was to be prepared.

In this update, we take a look at the top teaching resources and how they can help you when working supply.

Teacher handover notes

Nothing states professionalism more than a complete set of teacher handover notes. We’ve put together a thorough set of teacher handover notes, which let the school and returning teacher know how the lesson progressed, whether the learning outcomes were achieved and what the next steps are.

Returning teachers always appreciate a well-completed set of teacher handover notes. They like to know who has behaved and what progress has been made. To download our set of teaching handover notes click here.

Supply tips

If you’ve not worked in supply before, or you’re returning after a long absence, it’s always useful to read some top tips. Download our supply tips document which covers things like, being prepared the night before, having a backup plan, familiarising yourself with the classroom.

One of the key elements that came out when speaking to our candidates was to be well prepared. Have a lesson plan that you can fall back on in case the absent teacher has not left something.

Lesson ideas

We’ve collated some of our favourite fallback lesson ideas for when you turn up and there is no lesson plan. To download it click here. 

It features some interesting ideas that will keep children busy for the duration of the lesson, including ‘Stone Soup’ for KS1 and KS2 and shape poem for KS2 also.

We have a plethora of lesson ideas and teaching resources for you to browse. Simply visit The Classroom Partnership website resource section and download them, they’re all free.