To mark World Teachers Day, charity organisation Teach First has urged more men to join the teaching profession. Department for Education statistics illustrate that only 26% of teachers are male in England.

Males make up only 38% of secondary school teachers and just 15% of primary school teachers. Teach First said the profession should reflect the make-up of the classrooms and needs to find a balance in providing first class teachers from a diverse background.

Stephen Emsley, Director of education recruitment company, The Classroom Partnership said that men should not be deterred from entering the profession.

“The Classroom Partnership works with a wide array of teachers nationally and we find that most of the male teachers we work with are completely satisfied with the industry and enjoy what they do. We do experience a shortage of male candidates, particularly in primary schools and we welcome the initiative from Teach First to help more men enter the profession.”

Teach first have called on more men to follow a career in teaching as young people need role models from all backgrounds to unlock their potential. Brett Wigdortz, found and Chief Executive of Tech First said: “It’s a real loss that the profession is missing out on talented classroom leaders because a huge pool of people are being put off by misconceptions about teaching.”

Benefits of more male teachers

“Teaching is a hugely rewarding job, where you not only make a real difference to the lives of young people who need it most but also boost your own skills and development.”

Lee Corr, a primary school teacher in Merseyside says that men should not be put off by primary school teaching. He said: “I’m really pleased I made the decision to follow a career in teaching. People often hear about the difficulties of teaching, the long hours, the planning and preparation but having the opportunity to be a role model to my students and witnessing their development is hugely rewarding.

“It doesn’t bother me that it is a female dominated profession but I would urge more men to become teachers as students would reap the benefits of a balanced faculty.”

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