Supply teaching is great, as an education agency we place hundreds of teachers each month into a wide range of schools. Our supply teachers are in primary, secondary, special education and special measures schools and the requirements of each are all very different to one another.

Although each school is different in its approach, its ethos and its staff, there are similarities and cross-overs that our supply teachers experience. In this update, we look a little closer at all those traits and what are the most important things for head teachers, business managers and heads of schools.


We’re really fortunate that the supply teachers that work with us are of the highest quality and are able to adapt to any situation or school. When working at a school as a supply teacher it’s often a very different environment each time. The school ethos is different, the students behave in a different way and the processes of the school differ.

One of the important factors of being a successful supply teacher from a head teacher’s point of view is being adaptable enough to manage these changes. Those teachers that are able to do that begin to get a sterling reputation within the sector and are often asked back for return work.


The reason that a supply teacher is there is to provide a structure to the day when their usual teacher can’t make it. Being a good supply teacher is more than providing a structure though. A great supply teacher will have excellent knowledge of the curriculum. In doing so, the student’s progress will no suffer as they continue their learning in their teacher’s absence.


In our latest blog, we looked at what it’s like to be a supply teacher. We took advice from our candidates who have years of experience. One of the key traits of a good supply teacher is being organised.

A supply teacher may have a last minute call from The Classroom Partnership and be asked to cover in a school for the day. Simple techniques like having clothes ironed and ready the night before as well as lunch and lesson plans can make a real difference. Our supply teachers are ready and raring to go every morning and by having all these little things ready, it can reduce stress and ensure that arriving on time isn’t an issue.

It’s also really important to students as well. Organised supply teachers are able to set up class quickly and command respect by being in control of the situation. Having backup lessons or lesson fillers are important too. It is sometimes the case that the absent teacher did not have time to plan a lesson so turning up with something can help organise a rowdy class. Check out our resources section for some good ideas.

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