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How to be an EdTech champion in your school

According to a recent survey, 37% of learners felt that teachers lack confidence in digital skills and therefore create a barrier to using technology in classrooms.

Reducing GCSE exam stress for your pupils

It’s coming up to exam season and the stress is mounting to a fever pitch amongst students and staff alike. As a teacher, you’ve worked your way through the curriculum and you’re probably now at the stage where you’re going…

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How to prepare for supply teaching

Being a supply teacher offers many benefits, including flexibility of working hours and days as well as a choice of work in various areas. It can useful in adding to your classroom experience as an NQT too. It does mean…

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Why I left a permanent role for supply teaching

I love education. I want to start by saying that. I’m still as passionate about instilling knowledge into pupils and about providing a teaching experience where each child benefits as I’ve ever been. But it’s hard isn’t it? If you’re…

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How to reduce plastic in schools

Reducing single-use plastic in schools The government made two major announcements yesterday, one that the cost of plastic shopping bags will increase from 5p to 10p per bag in January 2020. And two, that schools are encouraged to eliminate single-use…

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How to be a good teaching assistant

What qualities make a good teaching assistant? Teaching assistants are a crucial element of our education system nowadays. They provide important support to teachers and students alike and we know first-hand how much schools value them. Whilst every school can…

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Writing a personal statement as an NQT

First of all, thanks for coming to our page about how to write a personal statement as a teacher. This is a topic which has been covered by loads of websites so we appreciate that you’re reading it here, on…

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Advice for your first year of teaching

So you’ve found your first teaching job, great! During this year there’s going to be a lot to learn. You’ll face challenges, learn lessons and be out of your comfort zone. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it?

NQT interview tips

The interview is your chance to shine but it can also be a difficult thing to prepare for. That’s why The Classroom Partnership has put together this handy guide full of NQT interview tips. Follow these and you’re on the…

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Landing your first NQT job

Becoming a teacher is one of the most exciting times in your career but it can also be nerve-racking. There’s a lot to organise, a lot to think about and importantly, quite a bit to do to ensure you find…

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